All My Relations Arts | Masks for Metropolitan Urban Indian Directors Group
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Masks for Metropolitan Urban Indian Directors Group

All My Relations Arts (AMRA) is seeking 10 artists with sewing skills to apply for an immediate opportunity to create DIY masks in response to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 and the ongoing lack of PPE equipment for front-line workers.

Financial compensation and select materials will be provided and distributed in a manner that promotes social distancing.

Artists must be available to create a total of 40 masks. AMRA requests one of the 40 masks created be artistic in form while the remainder can be made functional. The creative form of the donated mask is up to the artist. This fine art mask will be used by AMRA for display at a future date.

A video tutorial and template will be provided by Maggie Thompson of Makwa Studio.


To apply:

Image credit: Makwa Studio

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