All My Relations Arts | Call for Artist Photography for University of Minnesota Ambulatory Care Center
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Call for Artist Photography for University of Minnesota Ambulatory Care Center



Art Force is seeking emerging and established artists to submit their photographic artwork for placement in the new University of Minnesota Ambulatory Care Center.   Images are to support the purpose of the Art Program which is to create an enjoyable environment for patients, visitors and staff through the visual arts. The overall design is contemporary and innovative, with elements reflecting nature, geological and atmospheric characteristics of the Twin Cities, layering of earth and stone as well as the rivers and lakes of Minnesota.


Submit images via sharing your Dropbox to by July 31st, 2015.

Submissions should include the following:

  • Digital thumbnail image (at least 72 dpi) for review.
  • Printing File size required to be minimum 1MB and 300 dpi at a print size of 20”x60” inches. Mostly panoramic for space requirements, but verticals also needed.
  • File Label Format: Artist Last, First Name_Title


This call for photography will be accepted in a file format. Artists will receive a one-time usage fee for their image of $30.00. Art Force will receive the files, prep and print on paper using our in-house large format printer. If the piece is used more than one time, the artist will be paid for each usage. If usage is requested by client for other purposes outside of framed artwork for display (ie: marketing display, promotional items, etc) usage fees will be renegotiated with artist. Upon accepted installation of the work, the file will be deleted from computer storage.


You may submit as many images as you find fit the parameters of this project. We are looking for a hundred plus images to be placed in patient care rooms. Artists name will be printed in the lower right corner of each image as a watermark as a part of the printing process. A catalog of all artists on display will be on hand in the facility for reference.


Given the mission of the Art Program is to offer artworks that contribute to a healing atmosphere. These elements will not be accepted:


  • Anything sad, angry, scary or violent
  • Specific political or religious subjects or icons
  • Overt sexual content or nudity
  • Predominately red or black color scheme abstractions that could be interpreted as internal organs, blood, veins, bones, body parts or bandages
  • Shapes that are pointy or appear to be knives or weapons
  • Dark windows or doorways

1400 Van Buren Street NE, Suite 175, Minneapolis, MN 55413 | T 877.606.3412 | P 763.567.2200 | F 763.567.2201 |


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