All My Relations Arts | Mni Art Wall: Masks for MUID
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Masks for M.U.I.D.


Presenting Masks for MUID exhibition, currently displayed at the Mni Art Wall in Pow Wow Grounds Coffee shop.

All My Relations Arts released a call for artists to create masks in response to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 and the ongoing lack of PPE equipment for front-line workers and community members.

Artists were asked to create one artistic mask and 30 to be functional and donated to the Metropolitan Urban Indian Directors Group (MUID). This project was made possible with support from the Jerome Foundation.

The following are the artists who were selected to create masks displayed on the Mni Art wall (photographed by Jaida Grey Eagle).


  • Janae Grass
  • Delilah Robb 
  • Adrienne Benjamin
  • Anita Lovelace
  • Amber Buckanaga
  • Jaida Grey Eagle
  • Angela Richards
  • Mariah Smith
  • Nicole Ray
  • Anangookewe Wolf


Adrienne Benjamin


Amber Buckanaga


Ananngookwe Wolf


Angela Richards



Janae Grass


Nicole Ray


Anita Lovelace