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Hamm Clinic Partnership

Artwork installation by Moira Villiard in Hamm Clinic’s waiting area.

All My Relations Arts has partnered with Hamm Clinic to create an artist-led community artwork installed in the lobby of Hamm Clinic’s new building located in Saint Paul. Hamm Clinic’s intention in the commissioning of this artwork is to celebrate the Indigenous Peoples’ land now occupied by Hamm Clinic and serve their mission to promote mental health with culturally responsive, relational care for adults. Artist, Moira Villiard (Fond du Lac, direct descendent) was selected to lead the design and fabrication of the artwork.

Through positive, spiritual and cultural foundations facilitated by elder advisor, Mildred Richard, Moira Villiard and AMRA hosted a series of community conversations exploring the topic of mental health, how it impacts our communities, and ways in which we can achieve healing and recovery. These conversations were utilized by Moira as inspiration for the development of her designs for the final artwork, which is meant to uplift, comfort and call attention to traditional Indigenous medicines and healing. 

Join All My Relations Arts and Hamm Clinic for the unveiling of the public art installation by Moira Villiard at the new Hamm Clinic location. 

Friday, November 4, 5-6pm

10 River Park Plaza
Suite 710
Saint Paul, MN 55107

Meet and greet the artist while enjoying community art, light refreshments and food.

We invite you to meet the artist, engage with the community, enjoy these beautiful works as well as visit the new Hamm Clinic facilities. 

*This project was supported by the National Performance Network (NPN) Artist Engagement Fund. 

More information:

Hosted by Hamm Clinic, All My Relations Arts and NACDI

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