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Mirror Shield Community Workshop

Image credits: Rob Wilson

“The mirror shields are not weapons. They are not built to stop bullets or explosives. They are intended to create a wall of reflection. I understand that there are human beings beneath the riot gear but it is difficult to see their humanity. But the person who puts on that gear knows who they are. They do not see themselves as that gear. The mirror shields are designed to let them know that we love them and they stand with water as well. The wall the mirror shields create is not a wall of division, but a wall of unity. All living things stand with water always.”

~ Cannupa Hanska Luger,


Please Join Us

Wednesday, December 7th: 5 – 8pm.
All My Relations Gallery
1414 E Franklin Ave.
Free and open to the public.
Snacks from Powwow Grounds will be provided.
Any donations will go to Standing Rock.


Please join us for a hands-on, all ages arts workshop led by southwest-based artist, Cannupa Hanska.  In light of the water protector’s movement in Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline this workshop will focus on making art is in solidarity with the protectors.  Cannupa will teach us how to make his artistic “mirror shields” which can be used at Standing Rock to non-violently show aggressors their own image.

15289333_1149083885207670_7211103768025686451_o“My name is Cannupa Hanska Luger. I was born not 30 yards from the Missouri River in a small town known as Fort Yates, ND on the Standing Rock reservation. The Dakota Access pipeline in collaboration with the North Dakota State police force have been trampling upon the constitutional, human, and civil rights of my people.

Creating these mirror shields has been one humble thing I could activate as an artist. Please know that there are many ways to help other than this, please take this as only one way to activate yourself and if this is what you are called to do, then put your energy here. There are many other ways to create shields, limitless materials to use, and I invite anyone to use what they feel is best/better and to do something. The materials used are what I felt were affordable, accessible, easy to manage for people on the ground and could offer a human point of connection between the police and the water protectors holding them. They are meant offer reflection.”


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