All My Relations Arts | AMRA & NACDI
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All My Relations Gallery

All My Relations Gallery presents exhibits of contemporary American Indian fine art. Our storefront location on Franklin Avenue centers us in the heart of the American Indian Cultural Corridor. The Minneapolis American Indian Center is one block away and American Indian shops, businesses, and tribal urban offices are our neighbors.

Our gallery represents a significant investment by our community and arts funders in the area. Developed by the Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI) in 2010, All My Relations Gallery is located at 1414 East Franklin Avenue in South Minneapolis.

All My Relations Arts is an initiative of NACDI, an intermediary organization that envisions a community in which all American Indian people have a place, purpose, and a future strengthened by sustainable community development.

The principles that guide NACDI include embracing the values of American Indian people through unification, community cohesion and cooperation, through empowerment in listening and engaging the hearts, minds and spirit of the people, and in honoring the Creator through responsible stewardship of creation for generations to come.

As an initiative of NACDI, All My Relations Arts presents and supports workshops and events in community to bring arts practices to youth and elders and all through creations of murals, art cars, through classes, tours, artists talks, and through our Community/Youth Art gallery located in the coffee shop area adjacent to All My Relations Gallery.