All My Relations Arts | “Noojimo (She Heals)” Call for Artists
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“Noojimo (She Heals)” Call for Artists

All My Relations Arts invites artists to participate in the group exhibition Noojimo (She Heals), by guest curator Hillary Kempenich. All Indigenous artists residing in Turtle Island (the lands now known as North and Central America) are welcome to apply, with preference given to work created by Indigenous women, Two-Spirit, femme, trans, and gender non-conforming artists. Works must be original and can be 2D, 3D, video, literature, performance, or installation; artists are welcome to apply regardless of their experience or education in the art field.


Noojimo (She Heals) will highlight the importance of Aunties in Indigenous spaces. In many Indigenous communities, the Auntie often serves as an extra parental role who provides mental, physical, and spiritual support to younger relatives. Women lead by creating space to heal ourselves, in our homes, community, and with Aki (earth). Though faced with discrimination and patriarchy, women continue to be protectors of family, culture, and earth. We take on roles as caretakers, leaders, cultivators, mentors, mediators, and innovators. Noojimo will be a powerful tribute to courageous women (both historically and modern) stepping into the role as an Auntie, who often influence, create, and strengthen bonds of obligation, trust, and solidarity both inside the home and community.

We will explore the conversation of the powerful roles Indigenous aunties take as mentors, or the ‘other mother’ or ‘secondary parent.’ As we respond reactionary to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) epidemic, it is important that we discuss and act on prevention methods, which includes these roles women take on in society. Perhaps we had a plethora of Aunties who shared the additional parental role, or there was a significant one who was part of our upbringing.  

Noojimo centers the empowerment of Indigenous Aunties, how we are/were raised by them, how we honor their legacy, how we are them, how we make space for those who need us as Aunties; and how do we respect one another though our personalities or lifestyles differentiate? When and how do we decide to call one another in?

Questions to reflect upon:

  • Was there an unexpected Auntie who came into your life providing you with the support, guidance or love that you needed? 
  • What is the reciprocity in our relationships with Aunties?
    • Is it a direct exchange of gratitude?
    •  Is it hindsight?
    •  Do we carry their teachings and pass them on to others?
  •  How do we honor Aunties?  
  • What roles do those Aunties take as we become adults ourselves?
  • If/when tragedy struck in our life, how did Auntie help us navigate muddy waters? 
  • How are Aunties helping us break from intergenerational traumas? 
  •  As an Auntie, what responsibilities do you carry that you are proud of? What have you found is challenging? 
  • How as Aunties, can we be there for you? 

Selected artists will be chosen by guest curator, Hillary Kempenich and curator coach, Heid E. Erdrich, based upon the following criteria: 

  1. Strength of the work focusing on artistic merit. 
  2. Strength of the work addressing the exhibition topic. 
  3. Diverse representation of mediums. 
  4. Diverse representation of emerging to established artists. 


Hillary Kempenich is a multi-disciplinary artist, cultural bearer, and advocate, emphasizing her work to empower Indigenous people. Award winning artist Hillary Kempenich is a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa. Hillary has immersed herself into sustaining her small business and continues her passion for community work. Raised on the Turtle Mountain reservation, Kempenich continues to advocate for better educational, health and cultural standards through her work in both urban and rural communities.

Hillary Kempenich is fluent in many mediums with a collaborative style influenced by her independent spirit as a creative woman and her deep connection to her culture. Memories, traditions, and stories are continually incorporated into Kempenich’s work to empower and honor Indigenous women, youth, and fellow LGBTQIA+ Two-Spirit peoples. Kempenich comes from a family of strong artist abilities, of which are strong influences within her work. While holding on to the ties to the Turtle Mountains, Kempenich works on developing her trades with her own personal style.

Hillary has a growing list of group and solo shows, collaborations, as well as receiving recognition nationwide. The beginning of Kempenich’s career was marked by awards from the National Indian Child Welfare Association, Native Arts Gathering and the First Peoples Fund. Hillary Kempenich received a second-place ribbon in the prestigious SWAIA’s Indian Market in 2018. Hillary’s artwork has recently been published in the “Finish the Fight!” a book written by New York Times author Veronica Chambers. “Finish the Fight!” are chronicles of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color suffragists, whose stories may have gone untold. Hillary’s work continues to be featured in private collections, museums, and galleries throughout the United States. The U.S. Department of Interior Museum and Secretary of Art has acquired the piece “Resilience: A Portrait of Zitkala-Sa,” in Washington, D.C. to be part of their permanent collection and catalog.

Hillary holds a bachelor’s degree from University of North Dakota. Kempenich serves on the Grand Forks Foundation for Education Alumni Network board of directors and the North Dakota Indian Business Alliance board of directors. Hillary also serves as an arts and cultural consultant and has started the wearable art line Zazegaa Designs by Hillary Kempenich. Hillary lives in Grand Forks, North Dakota with her family.


Heid E. Erdrich is Ojibwe enrolled at Turtle Mountain. She is an author of  several books of poetry and prose and is an interdisciplinary artist. Her poemeos (poem films and videos) created in collaboration with Elizabeth Day, Jonathan Thunder and Trevino Brings Plenty, have won Best of Show and Best of Fest awards. Heid has curated dozens of art exhibits focused on Native American artists. In 2016, she was a contributing artist to the Creative City Challenge award-winning public art project Wolf and Moose by Christopher Lutter-Gardella. Heid has collaborated with Rosy Simas Danse since 2016, and she has contributed to works choreographed by Ananya Dance, Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theater, and others. Heid has written plays produced by Pangea World theater. She performs her poetry across the country, sometimes collaborating with musicians, visual artists, and dancers. Her first exhibit as a featured artist was Skew Lines, May 2019, created in a dual residency with Rosy Simas for SooVac gallery in Minneapolis.


APPLY HERE: Complete the following submission form by June 12th, 2022


● Submission Deadline……………………  June 12th, 2022

● Notification of Status……………………  June 16th, 2022

● Artwork Must Arrive in Gallery by…………………….. July 1st, 2022

● Opening Reception……………………… July 19th, 2022

● On View……………………………………  July 19th – Sept. 17th, 2022

***Additional exhibition programming (artist talk, community workshops, etc.) TBA***


  • Selected artists will receive a $200 honorarium once the gallery receives shipped work. 
  • Shipping and transportation costs will be covered by All My Relations Arts for emerging artists with 5 or less exhibitions experience. Please indicate if you fit this criteria in your application. 
  • All artwork will be insured from the time it arrives at the gallery, until it is shipped to the artist. 
  • All artwork may be for sale, while on display at All My Relations Arts.
  • Artists who participate in gallery talks and/or workshops will receive additional honorariums.
  •  There is potential for this exhibition to become a traveling exhibit and details will be announced at a later date. 


 ●  Artwork must be original, and respond to one or more of the prompts. 


Informational session to be announced at a later date to address any submission queries. If you need assistance or support with application, please contact:


Guest Curator, Hillary Kempenich –
All My Relations Arts Director, Angela Two Stars –

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