All My Relations Arts | biskaabiiyang (returning to ourselves)
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biskaabiiyang (returning to ourselves)

biskaabiiyang (returning to ourselves) is a group exhibition investigating Indigenous Futurisms, the interconnectedness of nows, and body and identity sovereignty featuring video installation, interactive gaming, mixed medium, digital illustrations and visual works curated by Juleana Enright. On view from October 14 – December 11, 2021.


Featured artists: Reyna Hernandez, Santo Aveiro-Ojeda, Sequoia Hauck, Nibinikwe, Coyote Park and Elizabeth LaPensée


biskaabiiyang is an Anishinaabeg word meaning the enactment of ‘returning to ourselves.’ An integral part of the framework for decolonizing is returning to one’s Indigenous teachings to gain new perspectives on identity, purpose, and balance. To fully engage in regeneration demands challenging the effects of colonialism in every tentacled facet of our lives, including loss of language, violence enacted against Indigenous women and Two-Spirit relatives, stolen land, any disaportic disconnection to our ancestral ways of knowing. Biskaabiiyang is the conceptual framework for the regeneration of our ways of knowing.


September 17, 2021


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