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Seed Stories

Holly Young and Xavier Tavera

March 8 – 27, 2021

In collaboration with the book launch of “The Seed Keeper” by Diane Wilson, All My Relations Arts will be hosting an exhibition featuring Holly Young and Xavier Tavera.

Holly Young is a Dakota artist and designed the artwork featured on “The Seed Keeper” book cover. Holly practices traditional mediums using contemporary vision and inspiration. Her diverse body of work includes ledger art, beadwork, and quillwork in the Northern Plains style.

Xavier Tavera is a photographer whose work deals with latino, latinx, identity and race. He is best known for his nuanced portraits of members of the Latino community. These powerful pictures challenge our notions of race, gender, and class by subverting stereotypes and capturing the humor and pathos in identity itself. His featured series of photographs are of maize seeds gifted to the artist from Mexico.

Highlighting the cultural importance of seeds as Indigenous foods and as relatives, Seed Stories is one of the multiple programs celebrating Seed Week; a week-long celebration touching on the Intertribal, interdisciplinary, and intergenerational celebration of seeds through stories, art, music, gardening, and food.



March 2, 2021


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